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A person who intends to chant Amitabha should truly make an earnest vow to go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land, one will surely become Buddha, then return to pilot a merciful ferry to help all living beings.

This is the career of Tathagatha, the life of normal human beings. Wishing all people who see and hear this will initiate the mind of bodhi enlightenment , it not only benefits the self but also benefits others to self-enlighten and also help others to become enlightened.

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Realizing the major benefits and infinite function of this supreme Prajna wisdom of chanting Amitabha to become Amitabha is the indestructible Prajna-Paramita perfection of transcendent wisdom. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

What Is a Sutra in Buddhism?

Each translation attempts to provide a fluid, yet literal rendition of the Chinese text, trying to capture the experience of reading sutras in Chinese while remaining as faithful as possible to the original text. Woodenfish aims to produce not just one, but a complete series of translations of specifically Chinese Buddhist sutras using a consistent vocabulary for technical terms and foreign concepts. In all translations, a standardized lexicon and methodology is used, so that a technical term will be translated, or transliterated, in the same manner in every volume in the series.

It is from this connection that we see translations of the midth century and scholarly attempts such as Ryukoku University Translation Center as well as nonscholarly translations such as Seki and Vergara Meanwhile Inagaki remains a tremendously useful resource, packed with a dizzying variety of supplemental material; it is also available without the additional material in a slightly updated translation in the BDK English Tripitaka series.

Cowell, E. Sacred Books of the East New York: Dover, The first volume to include English translations of all three main Pure Land sutras, originally published in Also includes several other sutras and commentaries. Also, because they are in the public domain, cheap reprints of these translations have appeared, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Originally published in Oxford: Clarendon. This innovative approach allows researchers to compare and contrast the different renditions, noting differences and developments.

While there are many notes in the book, the translation itself is deliberately nontechnical and highly readable. Hsuan, Hua. Translation of the Smaller Sutra with extensive commentary by a 20th-century Chinese Buddhist master. The Chinese perspective of the translation and commentary is not only useful in its own right, but also helps shed light on how the many Japanese-based translations and commentaries in this bibliography may be influenced by their cultural background.

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Inagaki, Hisao. Kyoto: Nagata Bunshodo, A fantastic resource, this book not only translates the three primary Pure Land sutras but also provides copious supporting materials: visuals, explanations of key terms and concepts, historical interpreters of the sutras, and more. Nagao, Gadjin M.